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Your Journey to Arabic Fluency Starts with AlifBee

Dive into a rewarding learning experience. Set your own schedule and enjoy truly personalized language training. Our experts work hard to meet your unique learning needs and keep you motivated.

We believe that learning a language can be exciting, and do our best to give you learning experiences that really work. AlifBee lessons are packed with interactive activities and fascinating cultural references to keep you engaged.

AlifBee for Organizations

  • AlifBee for Enterprise Teams:

Help your employees improve their Arabic language skills with AlifBee. Our expert linguists can tailor the course content to best meet your business needs. Whether the Arabic language skills are imperative to drive business results, or you plan to offer Arabic courses as a benefit, AlifBee is the best way to learn the language within any organization.


  • AlifBee for Schools:

Couple your traditional classroom experiences with AlifBee to produce better results. AlifBee enables each student to get personalized feedback and practice, while educators can track their learners’ achievements in one place.



AlifBee Kids

AlifBee Kids has been providing engaging, educating learning alternatives for over a decade. To date, more than 125,000 students have benefited from our programs, and 1000’s of schools now use the same approach.

AlifBee Kids is the best way for your kids to learn the Arabic language through games, stories, and songs. They will learn in a safe environment – with no ads or other interruptions! This app is made for kids from ages 2+

Discover the fun world of Arabic with the AlifBee Kids – Let them have fun while learning the Arabic language!

Quran Bee

A distinct application that uses gamification to help stimulate your mind to learn, memorize, remember, explore and contemplate many of the words and verses of the Qur’an in a fun and entertaining way.

You have to guess the missing Arabic words from the randomly arranged hex-cell letter block in the middle of the screen.When you want to choose a word, press the first letter, anc keep pressing while you choose the next letter by moving your finger to the next letter in any possible direction without lifting your finger. You can choose all the letters of the word this way.





Finish in less than an hour and start learn Arabic from the right level.