Hybrid Workspace Solutions

One platform, limitless opportunities

As lines blur between physical and virtual office space, executives, team managers, and employees will re-envision the requirements for working spaces.

Kloudspot hybrid work solutions help you design and deliver seamless, flexible and immersive virtual and physical workspaces.

Remote and in-office teams once again share ‘going to the office’ experiences.

Create Safe Office Spaces

Manage Safe Office Spaces

Engaging spaces build a culture to compete in a hybrid work world.

  • Create a shared first-class experience for all
  • Spark spontaneous, collaborative  and creative work
  • Help employees draw the line between work and the rest of their life.

A corporate portal

An intuitive, SaaS-based desktop and mobile application have become the new front door to the office. Regardless of how employees come ‘to the office,’ a shared ‘start to the work-day’ experience heightens a sense of belonging to their work community.
Designed for use by all employees regardless of location, the customized hybrid work portal is a one-stop engagement, booking, wayfinding, and communication tool for managing remote and in-person workspace needs.

Spontaneous Collaboration

Whether a random coffee chat or spontaneous post-meeting sync, remote or in-person employees have real-time access to any colleague. Locate and contact team members and stakeholders with a visual office collaboration view.
Anyone can pull up a virtual seat beside a co-worker in the 360° floor plan. Start a conversation with one click, through one of the many integrated collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, AWS Chime, Cisco Webex.

Corporate campus remote or in-person wayfinding

Real-time 3D office wayfinding and interactive views provide a virtual campus experience for all. Remote employees can explore the office providing a sense of connection when they visit in-person.

On-the-fly personalized communication

There is no reason for remote teams to feel left out or disconnected. Team managers, HR, and Workplace Services reach employees with relevant information and workplace updates. Inspire your distributed workforce with just-in-time news, messages, and alerts.
Through real-time alerting on footfall and density metrics, you can provide important information via SMS and digital displays. Programmed news-feeds and relevant just-in-time alerts appear dynamically on any display screen.

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