In Nutshell

KCC, founded in 2016, is a Saudi consultancy and advisory firm. We empower governmental and non-governmental organizations with expertise, technology, and talent to realize their aspirations and break new ground.

Guiding Principles

Harmony in Purpose: Illuminating Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Bring Knowledge Creation and Business Strategy Together in a Structured Framework so, it Drives Growth and Profitability.


Championing Technological Advancements to Forge a Distinctive and Impactful Difference in the Local Market Landscape.


Foundational Virtues: A Comprehensive Exploration of the Ethical Pillars Shaping Our Organizational Values.

Our Ultimate Goal
Deliver cost-effective, valuable and high-quality solutions to our customers.

Short Term Goal
Access the local market with advanced tech and innovative ideas improving the business of our customers and achieving the goals of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision.

Long Term Goal
Be one of the main systems integrator in the local market with highly trusted profile and to be considered as one of the main billers of technology delivery arm in the market.

Being Systematic
By utilizing the best tools, methods and technologies, we will be closer to the customers and be able easily to achieve high satisfaction from our services.

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