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We digitally transform your spaces to have better insights, unified monitoring, visualizing your collected massive data and let AI help in introducing better operations for your business.

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Explore the products that make it all possible with the Kloudspot Platform.

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform can bring together all of your data and make it actionable – so you can create safer, more personal, more engaging experiences for everyone in your spaces.

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Intelligent Spaces

Blend physical and digital insights to deliver an enriched customer experience. Monetize your IT investments, drive engagement and deliver more personalized and enriched experiences to customers with Kloudspot.

Airport Operations

Using the Kloudspot LISA Platform airports can enable advanced digital solutions to streamline various operational processes and enable immersive passenger experiences in airports for better RoI.

Digital twins

With Kloudspot’s Digital Twin solution, you can unlock new levels of operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and create immersive simulations for improved planning, operations, and predictive supervision.

Programmatic Smart Signage

Deploy cloud managed advertisement displays, interactive kiosks, hospitality displays and more using the Kloudspot Platform. Programmable solution to drive engagement and deliver more personalized and enriched experiences to customers.

Retail Insights+

Kloudspot uses Retail analytics modeling to analyze retail data and gain insights that can be harnessed to improve various aspects of retail operations.

Hybrid Work

As lines blur between physical and virtual office space, executives, team managers, and employees will re-envision the requirements for working spaces.

Smart Surveillance

Deploy intelligent, Computer vision AI-based security and surveillance system for human and vehicle events for indoors and outdoors use-cases using your existing camera and network infrastructure.

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