Intelligent Spaces

Blend physical and digital insights to deliver an enriched customer experience. Monetize your IT investments, drive engagement and deliver more personalized and enriched experiences to customers with Kloudspot. Serve up ‘spot on’ communications to customizable Wi-Fi portals and digital displays, including demographic-based advertisements and more.

Smart Customer Spaces

Kloudspot Smart Building Blocks

Configure Kloudspot Smart Building Blocks to create Intelligent customer spaces. Kloudspot leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies that gathers, transmits, and creates actionable intelligence from the physical world. A variety of wireless technologies underpin indoor and outdoor use cases, enabling cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of applications

3D and Virtual Mapping

Create your physical and virtual space by adding floor plans, way finding paths, geolocating Access Points, sensors, digital screens, and cameras. Digitize every aspect of your space to overlay analytics, and enable other end point applications.

IoT Gateway and Network Intelligence

Obtain a real-time, dynamic view of your business with intelligent and secure IoT connectivity from edge to cloud.

Virtual Presence Engine

Translate location-based physical actions, reactions, and experiences for example who is there, where are they going, what are they doing, into searchable, exportable digital data.

Real-time video analytics

Near real-time video analytics for AI based faster decision making. Ingest all your video data and contextualize it to understand the people interacting in your location and better run your business.

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Real-time analysis based on large-scale, multi-source data processing. Use data sets to build smarter, continuous improvements. Generate reports and alerts on space performance to maximize operational efficiency

Digital Signage

Integrate all signage and endpoint applications to personalize experiences with targeted, tailored messages and contextual advertising.

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