Discover the potential of data analytics with KloudInsights – the the core of Kloudspot’s Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform

KloudInsight is the core of Kloudspot’s Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform. Get a single-pane-of-glass view of every node on your network, from asset location to user activity. Analyze paths and hot spots in real time, or play it back. Take advantage of AI and Machine Learning aided predictive analytics for better workflow optimization. Your network, your control.


Maximize engagement

The Kloudspot Platform can optimize service delivery and support for visitors and customers using targeted messages across digital signage, notifications and alerts on email and mobile phones based on real-time data and past interactions, both on-site and online.

React to visitor intent and behavior

See a real-time view of visitor information, traffic density, staff deployment, demographic trend analytics and promotional activities for data-driven clarity on visitor behavior and intent, helping you maximize customer experiences, optimize staffing strategies and adapt promotional efforts.

Increase advertising effectiveness

Enhance the impact of your digital display and proximity marketing through automated real-time machine learning. With Kloudspot, you can create engaged experiences with proactive messages and targeted offers based on real-time data and insights, from anywhere in the world.

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