Kloudvision – Computer Vision Analytics

Derive insights from your video and images using KloudVision – Kloudspot’s Vision AI & ML Service.


Born from the passion to provide real-time intelligence.

Kloudvision, our ready-to-deploy computer vision service can be harnessed to improve operational efficiency, build consumer engagement and discover new opportunities using cross-functional, data-driven video analytics services.

Derive actionable insights from your video and images using Kloudvision, Kloudspot’s Vision AI & ML service. Our pre-trained Vision API models can be used to detect faces, emotion, demographics, footfall, queue length, social distancing, vehicle number plates, personal safety equipment such as masks, helmets, PPE, and more.

Performance and Flexibility

Using KloudVision, you can combine AI and IoT, capture data, analyze it in real-time, and act on the intelligence immediately.

The value of the data produced by video systems such as CCTV, footfall cameras, thermal sensors, etc., has skyrocketed as new AI-driven use cases and analytics technologies have emerged. Kloudvision’s deep learning systems can extract insights from video data in near real-time to improve customer understanding and operational efficiencies and even discover new revenue opportunities.

Kloudspot Platform offers the performance, and flexibility you need by extending vision computing capabilities on the Edge, On the Cloud, and On-premise.

Kloudvision Features

Collecting metadata, not identities

We further assure privacy and security because we never take possession of our customers’ constituent data. Our cloud-based platform operates securely on the edge of customers’ networks. We don’t see any data. We just take unique identifiers for devices that our platform is tracking and enabling.

Security with ultimate flexibility

Kloudspot believes each and every customer should make the call about how to manage security and privacy, in accordance with the needs of its people and in compliance with the regulations that govern its operations. You can be as “open” or “closed” as you’d like with data about your constituents’ “digital twins.” We explicitly set up a configuration to only collect the data you need. You can make changes at any time, as evolving needs and regulations dictate. We guarantee that flexibility.

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