Wi-Fi Captive Portal

Turn your Wi-Fi into a powerful data intelligence & marketing tool. The Kloudspot Wi-Fi Captive Portal can be deployed on-cloud as a software or on-premise (Kloudspot Access-in-a-box) model depending on the business requirement.

Kloudspot Captive Portal combines the best of network management, AI-based analytics and monitoring on a single platform. Kloudspot Captive Portal enables businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences with ease.


  • Centralized Network Management
  • Hosted Wi-Fi guest portal
  • User management
  • Ad promotions
  • Hybrid Network Support
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Remote trouble shooting
  • Customizable Reports

Guest Portal Experience

Feature rich Splash pages with multiple sign-in and verification options including

  1. Support for multiple login methods
    • web form-based login – Name, Phone, Email
    • Social Network Sign-on – Facebook, Google, Twitter
    • SMS Authentication via SMS code/ One-time password (OTP)
  2. Supports multiple authentication methods with Rest API integrations
    • Short duration trial login for 5/10 minutes for email verification.
    • Single use token – based authentication.
    • Name + room number authentication – for hotel guests.
    • Multi Devices Token: Single token number to work with n number of devices. Each token can be configured independently as per use.
    • Multi Devices User/Password: Single combination of username & password to authenticate n number of devices. Each combination can be configured independently as per use.
  3. Survey forms – Use surveys to collect data as part of guest login
  4. Advertisements – Showcase your brand or monetize guest login pages with advertisements or brand promotions.
  5. Third Party Integrations – Integrate login data from 3rd party systems such as CRM

Centralized Network Management

  1. Quick Deployment and Management
    Quickly design, provision, and apply policy to deliver better uptime and improved security. Centralized dashboard helps you manage your network across multi-site and multi-tenant installs.
  2. Multi-tenant, hierarchical dashboards
    Kloudspot provides complete multi-site, multi-tenant, configurable, informative dashboards. Use Kloudspot network insights to optimize network performance and guest experience.
  3. Quality of Service (QoS)
    Ensure quality of experience through better quality of service. Manage data bandwidth and delay. Manage time-based quota with support for single session and multiple sessions time-based quota.
  4. Audit Logs
    Information about usage and changes to the system configuration.
  5. Notifications
    Integration of notifications on Slack, Email and SMS. Log details on notifications sent by the system.
  6. Reports
    On demand or scheduled reports.

User Management

  1. Client device identity and device information
    • Customer Identity using MAC address and IP address
    • Device Information: such as OS, Vendor, browser used and device type
    • Time-stamp: Time stamp of user connected over the time. It allow you to
      see the time-line of an user over a period (last 6 months)
    • Location: Keep track of user location where he/she has logged into the system. View user visit and usage timeline over a set duration.
  2. User and device search
    • Search for device and users based on any recorded user and device parameters
  3. Bandwidth and time quota management
    • Monitor network usage by bandwidth and time. View bandwidth usage – upload and download at device and network levels
    • Block Device – Allow to block device for set period if it breaches the bandwidth or time-

Customizable Reports and Data Export

Various reports are available out of the box. These reports and data export feeds can be customized as per customer needs.

  1. Overview Report (PDF) – Details including connected, probe and guest clients and their devices
  2. Client Details Report (CSV) -Client details including mac address, device details and client details
  3. Used Token Details Report (CSV) – Used token details including token, device, venue, time etc.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Kloudspot store all data in the local storage and can be exported as CSV files. It also supports to periodically send data using the webhook. A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP/HTTPS push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time/batch information. Unlike typical APIs where you would need to poll for data, webhook pushes the data to other application. This makes webhooks much more efficient for both provider and consumer.

Third Party Integrations

  1. Rest based API integration with Third party apps.
  2. Kloudspot Analytics Engine for deeper network analytics of connected and probing devices.
  3. External SMS gateways to send notification and OTPs.
  4. Social network authentication for Wi-Fi. i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google
  5. Integration with external Email SMTP server.

Collecting metadata, not identities

We further assure privacy and security because we never take possession of our customers’ constituent data. Our cloud-based platform operates securely on the edge of customers’ networks. We don’t see any data. We just take unique identifiers for devices that our platform is tracking and enabling.

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